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People I know are leaving jobs and indeed their professions because of the breakdown of civility in the workplace. From accumulated rudeness to downright disrespect, the effect has been demoralizing. Many say it has ventured into the “life’s too short category”.

What is going on? How can we as individuals change our corporate cultures? How can we keep ourselves from taking the offenses we experience into our personal lives as stress and bitterness?

In this series we will examine some of the ‘slings and arrows’ we all suffer and remind ourselves of ways to influence the work environments we live in and thus make our own lives at work more positive and joyful.

  1. Start with a Greeting
  2. Introductions Start Relationships
  3. Meetings Don’t Come Naturally
  4. Physical Space: On Safari in the Towers; Migrating in the Tunnels
  5. The Pecking Order
  6. Who do you Love?
  7. Saying Thank You
  8. Meeting the famous and hugely accomplished.

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