Self Made Great

After a presentation to my boss I never knew what he would say. I worried if he asked me : “Are you on drugs?”

Civility Series: Start with a Greeting

While we may complain that no one means it when they ask “how are you?” in fact, the communication is genuine. This is a greeting, and greeting another is a fundamental first step to establishing a relationship, to connecting and to communicating. Whatever greeting is appropriate in your setting, it should be made with a […]

Prisoner in a Cubicle

On the way to the train back to university after a Christmas break, my son stopped by my workplace in Toronto’s downtown banking towers to pick up a last-minute loot bag from Mom. As I walked him from reception to my desk, his eyes widened in wonder. He said it was like in the movies: […]

The Civility Series

People I know are leaving jobs and indeed their professions because of the breakdown of civility in the workplace. From accumulated rudeness to downright disrespect, the effect has been demoralizing. Many say it has ventured into the “life’s too short category”. What is going on? How can we as individuals change our corporate cultures? How […]

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